AME Group

Forming the future by uniting the powerful!

Our company is in constant search of new directions of business. We are ready to invest resources in the development of a promising project. Today, AME is a consolidation of like-minded people. Our team is engaged in innovative and high-tech projects, interacting with Russian manufacturers and representatives of foreign organizations in Europe and Asia. By combining our efforts, we are more effective in solving urgent problems and exploring new markets. The company includes logistics and legal services, tender department, engineering and design department, as well as the department of foreign economic activity.

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AME Group is actively cooperating with companies in the following industries


Aviation industry

Equipment for the aviation industry has high quality requirements. We provide all the required reliability guarantees to our clients.

Space technology

Innovation and progress. Being part of the most advanced and innovative international industry is not only honorable, but also very demanding.

Defense industry

We are proud of our many years of experience in defense cooperation, each time reaffirming our competence.

Energy Projects

There are areas in which stability is the key indicator of efficiency. AME has the necessary experience, specialists and is ready to take on a serious commitment.

Machine-building technologies

Creating a constant movement. AME Group implements most of the necessary technological solutions in the industry for domestic producers and international partners.


AME Group


Forming the future by uniting the powerful!


Project management 

Our company has a multidisciplinary team of specialists capable of creating the right conditions for successful project implementation. The correct allocation of roles and responsibilities between participants, as well as change management, help us effectively solve emerging issues. The purpose of our work is to satisfy the needs of the customer while preserving the planned interests of the performers.


Financial support

In the current realities of the market, manufacturing enterprises often face a lack of advance payments, a shortage of their own working capital and increased customer requirements for financial support. Joint work with AME will allow implementing large projects that require serious financial guarantees. We are ready to invest in promising projects, as well as assist in attracting third-party investments and banking products.


Legal support

An experienced legal team will assist at all stages – from the preparation of tender documents, to resolving complex disputes with contractors and government services.

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Representation of foreign companies

International experience of AME allows you to adequately represent your interests at all stages of cooperation with Russian companies. We pay special attention to maintaining our positive image in the eyes of our partners. Having a successful relationship with the best international companies, we put in priority the observance of the provisions on confidentiality.



Our engineering teams successfully implement projects in various industries. The production is located on modern sites under the mandatory control of our specialists, who are well aware of the requirements of regulatory technical documentation that operate in various industries.


Bundling and logistics

AME has vast experience in organizing the supply of equipment. Our technical service scrupulously controls the quality of products and compliance with technical specifications. The foreign economic and logistics department ensures that the products are supplied timely and through the most efficient logistic channels, properly certified and cleared through customs with the optimal expenses.